Kids + Snacks = Aren’t You Full Already?

Do your kids come home from school and the first thing they ask for is food? My children eat breakfast at home. I pack their lunches, which usually includes a variety of things, and there’s always snacks when they come home. Last week, my 10 year old ate breakfast, lunch, a snack after school and at 4:42 p.m., she asked me when was dinner? Sometimes … Continue reading Kids + Snacks = Aren’t You Full Already?

How We Do Disney World on a Budget

The last few years, I have been blessed with being able to take my children to Disney World for our family vacations. 10 years ago, I wouldn’t have even dreamed about taking my children to Disney World. We have also been able to travel to other drive-able locations without having to go into debt in order to do so. I live in the Midwest so … Continue reading How We Do Disney World on a Budget

Fashion and Beauty on a Single Income

Since I became a mom, there are some days where I don’t want to leave the house, and some where I don’t even want to get out of bed. So waking up and getting all dolled up isn’t a priority for me these days. But when I have the chance, I absolutely embrace and go all out. I love makeup, playing with different hairstyles, designer … Continue reading Fashion and Beauty on a Single Income

De-Stressing on a Budget

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding feelings I’ve ever felt. However, it’s also one of the most exhausting jobs I’ve ever had. From early mornings, to late evenings, to sleepless nights, “mom life” is a tiring life. Finding inexpensive ways to relax and de-stress can be difficult. Spas, massages, or things like weekend getaways can really break the bank if you’re not … Continue reading De-Stressing on a Budget

Tips for Finding Work From Home Jobs

As a single mom, working from home has been more than a convenience, but it has been a blessing financially when it comes to daycare and before/after care. I had the luxury of working from home, full-time, in corporate positions for the last few years. I had a decent salary, full-time benefits and I didn’t have the hassle of a commute. I was able to … Continue reading Tips for Finding Work From Home Jobs

Being a Single Mom and Dating

Dating is hard. Being a single mom and dating is even harder. My number one issue is time. After a busy week, the first thing I want to do is relax, not get all dressed up to go meet with someone I may or may not even like. Most of my weekends are filled with activities with the kids anyway. I’ve also gotten to the … Continue reading Being a Single Mom and Dating

Let’s Talk Children and Screen Time

Remember when we worried about television rotting our brains, then it was video games? Now it’s smartphones and tablets on top of that. We love to be entertained by movies, t.v. shows, music and games, but at what cost? In the city that I live in, my children are required to have ipads for school. They use them for testing, reading, communicating with the teacher and … Continue reading Let’s Talk Children and Screen Time