Your Career and Goals

Doesn’t it seem that being a parent takes up almost all of your time? Cleaning, cooking, homework, school and extra-curricular activities, and whatever else you may have going on, take up so much time that we hardly find time to sleep. With that said, how do we even begin to fit in a career? It almost seems impossible when you start to add it all up.


Think about it, you wake up, get dressed, get the kids off to school, head in to work (deal with traffic), work 8 hours, head home (deal with traffic again), homework, lessons or practice (of whatever sport is going on at the moment), dinner, bath time, then you’re back to bed to wake up and do it all over again. Isn’t that what they call insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? When exactly did this become the norm for you? For me, it’s been my normal since I became an adult. At one point, I was doing all of the above as a single mom of 4 children, while also completing grad school one night a week. I still can’t believe I managed that.

When I think about all of that craziness that was going on and the time that was spent working jobs that I hated, I feel as though somewhere along the way I had lost sight of the more important things in life. Spending time with my family.

We get so caught up in “making a living” that we don’t even get to live. We are just getting by and passing time. No job is more important than your family and no job is worth your sanity. Don’t get me wrong, an education and a career are very important but they shouldn’t be so life consuming that you stop enjoying life. You have to find that balance. That balance, is key to your happiness. And doing what you actually want to do in life is the key to that balance.

Start with your career. Re-evaluate where you’re working, why you’re working there, and if a change is needed. Think about your short term and long term goals. Think 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years from now. Have you always dreamed of starting your own business? Going back to school? Now’s the time to start putting these plans into action. I’ve been saying I would start a blog and my own business for years. It took some time, but I finally sat down, wrote out my plan, and made sure to dedicate time each day to implementing it.


Write out your goals of the career you want. Include key points, and any steps needed to achieve that career. As I stated above, think short term and long term. Make a checklist of these things. Start adding them to your calendar. Set reminders for yourself to spend time each day, each week or even each month working on your checklist. Whatever time you may have. You don’t have to jump in full speed. Goals take time. But at least make time. You’ll notice, as you start to check things off of your list, that you find the motivation you’ve been looking for. It’s hard to achieve anything when you’re not motivated.

It’s still early enough in the year to make a plan for 2018. Start small. If your goal is to go back to school, start researching colleges, majors, etc. If your goal is start a new career or your own business, write out a plan. Add this plan to your calendar and set little reminders for yourself. There will be days when you have no time, but just remember to make it up the next day, or the next week. But just remember to make time. Keep at it and don’t give up. You’ve got this.


If there’s anything that you’ve been wanting to achieve but just have no idea where to start, please leave a comment or send me a message. I’d love to help!



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