Kids + Snacks = Aren’t You Full Already?

Do your kids come home from school and the first thing they ask for is food? My children eat breakfast at home. I pack their lunches, which usually includes a variety of things, and there’s always snacks when they come home. Last week, my 10 year old ate breakfast, lunch, a snack after school and at 4:42 p.m., she asked me when was dinner?

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Sometimes I sit and think of all the money I spend on food and I’m just amazed. Food is a huge part of life but sometimes I wonder if they are actually hungry or if they just want something because it’s available. I’ve learned to use little tips and tricks and they work for the most part, but I’d be curious to hear more from others and what solutions you may offer.

Breakfast is usually a quick but nutritious meal. They eat at home, never at school so I keep boxes of cereal, oatmeal, cream of wheat, etc. These tend to keep them full long enough to last until lunch.

Lunch has become sort of thing in my house. I found some neat Pinterest ideas and I’ve been trying to mix it up with variety and color. I try to keep it fairly healthy also. Below are a few pics of some of my lunches I have fixed recently.

They really enjoy the lunches because of the variety and there are many options when you portion it out correctly. It’s also teaching them about portion control and how to keep their food options balanced. A sweet treat is okay but make sure you’re getting your veggies and fruits.

There is usually a snack after school, I have them pick a fruit or vegetable. Then dinner is usually the biggest meal of the day and I try to have it fixed before 6:30. This gives them time to digest their food before bedtime.

After dinner and before bedtime is always a struggle.

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My rule of thumb is if it grows from the earth, fruit or vegetable, they can have it whenever. Anything else such as chips, popcorn, cookies, etc. has to be eaten right after dinner. This actually motivates them to choose healthier options because they can have them later in the day and pretty much whenever they want to. Even though I try to give them enough food throughout any given day, it feels like a never ending battle. Thankfully, I take the time to clip digital coupons and shop sale days at the local grocer and keep a membership at Sam’s Club!

I know my other moms out there will understand this post!


18 thoughts on “Kids + Snacks = Aren’t You Full Already?

  1. My kids are always hungry too and I think it has to do with how fast they’re growing. I have a similar rule…If they’re hungry they can have fruits or vegetables. If that’s not what they want then they probably aren’t hungry.

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  2. Oh my goodness, yes! My 2 year old daughter is ALWAYS hungry. I can only imagine the grocery bill when she gets older. I think it is definitely important to offer healthy snacks throughout the day and prevent eating too much junk food.

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  3. Mine are ALWAYS hungry. In addition to fruits and veggie, I will allow them to have popcorn pretty much whenever. But I buy the loose kernels and we have an air-popper. Mine usually pick popcorn or baby carrots for dessert! LOL As long as it’s not endless junk, let them eat. They are growing after all. 🙂

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  4. It always amazes me how much my teenage daughter eats! She’s an athlete, so I know it’s good for her to eat fairly often. I’ll have to try your tip, if it is a fruit or veggie she can eat it whenever. Thanks!

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  5. Both of my children love snacking, but I can’t blame them because I’m a serial grazer. I can never tell if they’re actually hungry or bored, but I keep a bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen table and they can help themselves all day! I just introduced ants on a log to my 2yo so that’s been a fantastic snack that’s healthy and keeps her full because of the peanut butter.

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