Spring Break 2018: Budget-Friendly Ideas for Fun

Spring Break is upon us! The last few years, our spring breaks have taken place in Florida. I’ve been blessed to be able to afford it and the kids have very much enjoyed our trips. However, there was a time when vacationing in Florida wasn’t an option for us and we had to make the most out of our “staycation” at home.

If you’re not traveling and need some ideas for spring break, here’s a few fun options that my children and I enjoy that won’t break the bank!

Talent Show – Plan a family talent show. Give everyone a day or two to prepare. Make the event huge by setting up chairs and maybe even inviting some friends or family over. Set a stage, put out some snacks and beverages, and anything else to make it seem like you’re in a real theater. This is such a simple idea and kids love to showcase their talents!

Karaoke Hour – I love Karaoke with my kids. We can sing and dance for hours. We don’t even own a karaoke machine. We simply put YouTube on the television, search whatever song we want with “karaoke” after the name, and an instrumental version of the song, along with lyrics will come up in the search. All you need is a microphone (or hairbrush) and you’ll enjoy hours of singing with plenty of laughter.

Family Sleepover – Everyone loves a good sleepover! Instead of everyone sleeping in their individual rooms, have the whole family grab blankets, pillows, or sleeping bags and set up a big sleepover in the living/family room. Make sure to put on pajamas, pop some popcorn, and have a great movie lined up. Don’t forget to throw in some fun board games or scary story-telling sometime in the night.


Crafts – If your kids are anything like mine, they love crafts. They love to draw, paint, make jewelry, and making slime. We have a slime-making station in our home that keeps all the ingredients. I recommend going to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, buying a variety of items like construction paper, poster board, water color paints, yarn, Popsicle sticks, and anything else you can think of. I keep everything in plastic containers for easy storage. I like to buy a variety so that kids have the option to explore their creativity.


These are just a few of my personal favorites but there is plenty out there to do. I’m including a link to my kids’ favorite slime recipe. It makes pretty good slime that isn’t very messy or sticky. Add any food color or glitter for extra effects.

Easy Elmer’s Glue Slime

I’d love to hear some of your ideas for kids’ breaks from school!



2 thoughts on “Spring Break 2018: Budget-Friendly Ideas for Fun

  1. One year for spring break my kids wanted to know where we were going. It occurred to me that they had come to expect a big expensive trip for spring break and that was not something I wanted to encourage. So we stayed home that week and spent the week doing fun science experiments. We grew crystals on charcoal, made rock candy, built a tornado and a whole bunch of other things. They ended up having a blast 😁

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