Beginner Investing on a Budget

I love investing! I had to get that out of the way. I love being able to put aside my money by investing in companies I believe in and already spend money with. I also love that even though I’m a single mom on a budget, I can still take some money and put it in the stock market, even if it’s small amounts at a time.

My 401K, through my job, is through Fidelity Investments. They also have a platform for you to purchase other stocks, trading in the market. I don’t use this account for much more other than my retirement account.

Stockpile- This is a great app for beginners in investing. I love that you can purchase fractional shares of stocks like Amazon, Facebook, Apple, etc. You can also use your debit/credit card and Apple Pay to purchase stocks. Stockpile also has an option to purchase stocks in your child’s name. I love this feature because they can own shares of Disney, Children’s Place, Nintendo, things they love. I have been teaching my children about investing in stocks and also purchased some fractional shares in their name. It’s a great way to get them started early.


Stash- Stash is another great app that is perfect for beginners in investing. With Stash, you’re able to put some money into investments with the help of pros. You choose how you want to invest whether that’s aggressive, conservative, dividends, you name it. You can also start with very little, such as $15. This app is more for those that want to put some money away long-term.

Acorns- this is another app for beginners. The idea behind Acorns is pretty simple. You link your debit card to the account. They take your purchases and round up to the nearest dollar and transfer that money to your Acorns account for investing. It’s another app that you can kind of “set and forget”. You can also transfer money the normal way for investing.

Robinhood- By far my favorite! The Robinhood app allows you to buy and sell shares of stocks for free! The best part is the ability to purchase penny stocks. I love investing in the smaller stocks and seeing where they go. I have a few websites I use for research and I’m on that app everyday. It can be addicting. Investing is kind of a gamble, but I’d much rather spend my money in the stock market then the lottery. Robinhood also has a feature that allows you to get free stocks by referring people. It’s a free stock, just for other people signing up.


This isn’t a very comprehensive blog post about investing. It’s just some easy information for those that may have no idea where to begin.

Here’s a few of my current favorites that I either own or they are on my watch list:

DropBox (DBX)

Alibaba (Baba)

HEMP (Hemp)

Chesapeake Energy Corporation (Chk)

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

Below is my link for a free stock. Once you sign up, we both get a free share of stock.

Robinhood Free Stock

Happy Investing!


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