Awesome Kid-Friendly Shows to Stream Right Now

If you’re anything like me, you find it hard to watch some of the kid shows currently running on networks like Nickelodeon, Disney, and Cartoon Network. They’re just not as funny or creative as they used to be; or maybe I’m just getting old.

While I don’t find most of these shows entertaining, I do enjoy watching t.v. with the kids. We even love to find new shows to binge watch for those rainy or cold weekends indoors.

Here are few of my recent favorite shows that the kids and I have found to be funny, creative, and just entertaining.


Alexa and Katie – 1 Season – 13 episodes

alexa and katie

This is probably my favorite on the list. The show features 2 young teens, Alexa and Katie, best friends, ready to begin their freshman year of high school. But Alexa finds out her cancer has returned and has to go in for treatment during the summer. This causes the girls to face difficult situations but they do so in the most hilarious ways. Although Alexa has cancer, she never feels sorry for herself with her best friend Katie by her side. Their families live next door to each other so we also get to see the relationship between the moms raising teen girls. (Alexa’s mom is Kelly {Tiffanie Thiessen} from Saved By the Bell!) We see them deal with normal teen problems all while facing one of life’s toughest battles. What I enjoyed most is to see a strong bond between 2 best friends who get to experience life together and never feel alone. I also read recently that the show has been picked up for a second season so my 10 year old and I are excited!

The Worst Witch – 2 Seasons – 26 episodes

worst witch

Who remembers the Worst Witch with Tim Curry and Fairuza Balk in the 80’s? I loved that movie. It was based on the Worst Witch books by Jill Murphy. The story follows Mildred Hubble who finds herself in Miss Cackles Academy for Witches. Unlike the rest of the witches in the school, Mildred only recently found out she was a witch, so she has a lot to learn. She has to not only learn magic, but also deal with the “mean witch” Ethel Hallow of the school. Mildred’s humorous and somewhat clumsy personality makes this show fun to watch. I also like that it mixes the normal teen experience with a little bit of magic to gain your child’s attention.

Trolls – 2 Seasons – 13 episodes


If you loved the 2016 colorful movie Trolls, you will love this bright animated series. It follows the gang of Trolls that includes Branch and Poppy and the rest of the troll friends for various adventures. I really enjoy the animation of this show. I have 2 young nieces, 4 and 1, who loved to watch and follow along with this show. Not only does it have great animation, but it also has some fun music to dance along to. This show is great for the younger kids.

Amazon Prime Video 

Just Add Magic – 2 Seasons – 39 episodes

just add magic

This is another series that revolves around a group of young girls and magic. Kelly, Darbie, and Hannah are amateur chefs that stumble upon an ancient book full of magical recipes. Kelly hatches a plan to find a recipe that will cure her grandmother’s illness. The girls then find themselves in various predicaments all while trying to be normal middles school girls and keeping their magical secret. This show is a favorite of my 10 year old.

These are just a few of our recent favorites so I hope you enjoy watching just as we do.

I’m always searching for new shows so I’d love to hear what some of you guys are watching with your kiddos!




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