Remember to Push Reset!

If no one has told you lately, you are a super-hero! Parents are the ultimate heroes. From childbirth, to late nights with sick kids, managing multiple children with multiple activities, teaching teens to drive, careers and everything else in between, you can admit that being a parent is somewhat of a super power.


But think about super hero movies for a second. Isn’t there always a time when that super hero is broken down and needs to be repaired to regain their strength/powers? Well, why as parents, don’t we consider this more often? Why don’t we try and reset ourselves so that we can regain those inhuman powers that we possess?

I understand that time is very minimal when raising kids but we have to make time for ourselves. Even if that time is 30 minutes of you sitting quietly in your bedroom with your thoughts, or a 25 minute drive around your city, make time for yourself.

How can we effectively raise our children if we aren’t taking care of ourselves? Mental stability is critical in raising children, not just for you, but for them as well. If you’re always stressed out, that stress will make its way to your children. We want to believe that children don’t pick up on things like that, but they know. They know you. They know when mom and/or dad is feeling stressed. That stress comes out in the way we interact with them. The last thing we want is for them to feel unnecessary stress. They are just children, so let them be children.

stress 2

My work schedule usually consists of the standard 8-5 pm, Monday through Friday, with weekends off. But as soon as Saturday and Sunday hit, the kids have a list of activities they want to do so my weekends are just as busy as my weekdays. However, I make sure that I take some time for just me, on those weekends. Some weekends may include more time than others, but I make time. That can be a simple coffee outing by myself, or closing my bedroom door and just taking a nap. There are also those weekends where I can go to the nail salon, so some shopping for myself, or longer extended activities just myself. Either way, I make sure I schedule some “me time”. This way, I’m able to get some sort of personal peace, that allows me to continue to be the best mom I can be for my children.

Try this: in the next week or two, schedule at least one hour of just personal time where you do something just for you, no kids involved. See how you feel. See how it affects your overall mood. Just make sure to take the time. You deserve it!






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